2U Impact Report 2016

Today we launched our third annual 2U Impact Report. When we launched our first Impact Report, our goal was to show how we define outcomes across the 2U. Each year, we’ve seen this report grow in scope as we continue to enhance our definition of impact.

Higher education is a primary driver of upward mobility today. As high-quality educational opportunities become more critical to the success of our country and our world, there must be greater accountability around outcomes and impact.  

True impact is quality at scale. The 2016 Impact Report goes beyond the traditional metrics associated with success in higher education. Together with our partner universities and thought leaders in higher education, we are working to reframe impact and look at data that measures true outcomes for individuals, institutions, the economy, and our global community.

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Here are some highlights from the report:

Individual Impact

Mike Silver, Assistant District Attorney, MPA@UNC Student

When I first enrolled in this program, my boss and I had an agreement that it would not interfere with my work. He recently noted, ‘Not only has this not interfered with your work, but it’s actually enhanced your work.’ I previously went to law school and while the experience was positive, I did not receive management training or budget experience. How do you deal with budget cuts? How do you handle monetary concerns within the county or the city? How do you manage a staff of attorneys? These are things I didn’t learn in law school, and that is what MPA@UNC gave me.


Institutional Impact

Marilyn Flynn, Dean, USC School of Social Work

I literally doubled the enrollment in our Masters of Social Work Program and at the present time, that enrollment exceeds 2,000. For us it was a venture in transforming the nature of education at the highest possible level and after five years, I absolutely can say with confidence that we have the gold standard in online education in my field in the United States and, in fact, anywhere in the world. 


Economic and Industry Impact

Katie Conboy, Provost, Simmons College

We have two huge programs online in partnership with 2U: nursing and social work. We can only have about 150 family nurse practitioner students in the on-campus program at any time. And, we have to find placements for them in Boston. Online, we now have more than 1,400 students in nursing. It’s incredible. And with social work online, we’re approaching 1,000 in not even two years, but we can only manage about 400 on the ground in the on-campus program.


Global Community Impact 

Michael Calabrese, International Relations Online

Michael worked as a waiter in New Orleans while studying in the International Relations Online program. Soon after graduating, he began a career in international relations, working in Washington, D.C. for the State Department in the parental child abduction prevention unit. “For me, the program allowed me to stay at home and take care of my family, continue working, but then as soon as graduation happened, I was able to transition to a new career and a new job market in D.C. and really get involved in the area I wanted to be involved in."