No Back Row

We all know the back row. The seats closest to the exits. A refuge for minds that wander. Home of the unraised hand. What if there was no back row? What if we challenged every student to be at their best? With 2U, there is no back row. We work with our partners to put every student in the front row so they can earn the best possible education for the brightest possible future.

No Back Row® is also our corporate philosophy: the idea that every person counts; each person is and feels included; and when we each lean in and do our part, we are better individually and collectively. This philosophy is fundamental to the learning experiences we create with our partners and is at the core of the company we are building. Motivated by the common goal of reimagining education, we work in an environment that promotes innovation, creativity and excellence. No Back Row at 2U is supported by these nine principles, which unite every member of the organization:

Cherish each opportunity.

Life is short, so treasure every moment.

Give a damn.

Care about what you do each day.

Strive for excellence.

Don't settle for second best.

Be bold and fearless.

Question the status quo and embrace change.

Be candid, honest and open.

Listen to others and offer respectful feedback.

Have fun.

Fun is important. Fun is simply better.

Make service your mission.

Give the highest level of support to our partners and to one another.

Don't let the skeptic win.

"No" is easy. "Yes" is hard. Fight for "yes."

Relationships Matter.

Invest the time, build trust, and value differences.