This Month in Education Technology News

Education is currently undergoing a significant amount of change from kindergarten all the way up through graduate school due to technological advancement. Some of the news on the topic is good, some hard to interpret and most of it is all very interesting. Below are a few of the articles we’re reading and sharing when it comes to higher education and education technology (edtech). Follow us on Twitter at @2Uinc for more every day.

What were some of the recent big stories in higher education and edtech? We’ve compiled some of the more thought-provoking articles and useful tips available:


  •  Are MOOCs already over? The Washington Post looks into the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education research on MOOCs.
  • Confirming the MOOC MythInside Higher Ed covers the University of Texas at Arlington conference discussing preliminary results from the MOOC Research Initiative.
  • Measuring Other OutcomesInside Higher Ed discusses Gallup and Purdue University coming together to focus on a set of factors that correlate with “a great life” to provide data on the status of alumni
  • Let’s Digitize What We Have NowEdSurge features Chris Dede from Harvard as he discusses a 2014 outlook on education.
  • The 2013 Influence ListThe Chronicle of Higher Education features the people who helped shape higher education this year
  • The Biggest Trends in Ed Tech The Journal has a panel of experts discuss products and practices



 And our ICYMI (in case you missed it) articles about and from 2U: